The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) requires Relevant Building Surveyors (RBS) to collect the Building Commission Levy from clients on their behalf. Payment of these Levies are then subsequently on forwarded to the VBA at the end of each month.

Routine levy audits are conducted by the VBA auditors to ensure Building Surveyors comply with their obligations to report and submit building permit levies, in accordance with the Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2006.  

Issue of Permit

Did you know that an RBS is NOT PERMITTED to issue a Building Permit without client payment of the Levy?  Furthermore, a Building Permit is NULL & VOID should a client provide a cheque which does not clear, following Building Permit issue.

Accordingly, it is paramount that Levies are paid by clients otherwise a permit can not legally be provided by the RBS.

How much is your Levy?

Use the handy calculator from the VBA to calculate the Levy application to your project. Remember to include the GST and note that Building Works less than $10,000 are not subject to Levy.