Over recent months the VBA have been requesting information on the type of cladding specified for projects that are yet to commence and/or are in construction. The below media release was issued by the VBA explaining the process.


Thursday, 31 May 2018

The Victorian Building Authority is contacting registered builders and property developers asking for a report on the type of cladding they intend to use on the exteriors of projects and multi-storey buildings under construction.

More than 800 individuals and companies have received notice from the VBA asking them to confirm what building materials have been specified for use on projects that haven’t started or are in progress, as part of the Victorian statewide cladding audit.

The move comes after the VBA received $16.5 million from the Victorian Government to continue addressing non-compliant cladding and increase site inspections across the state.

The VBA has now inspected more than 95 per cent of occupied buildings prioritised by the Taskforce and is also focusing on current and upcoming projects considered at risk of using combustible cladding.

The Authority’s chief executive Sue Eddy says time is critical when dealing with combustible materials and has urged the building industry to respond to the VBA’s notice as soon as possible.

‘’The new mandatory reporting requirement will give the VBA the information needed to drive safety and prevent the improper use of combustible cladding on buildings.

“Using this information, the VBA can better target its inspections, protect the public and help restore confidence in the building industry.”

As part of the notice:

  • Building surveyors will be asked to review building permit documentation, particularly in relation to fire safety.
  • All recipients will have received a copy of the Building Product Safety Alert warning on the dangers of improper use of ACP and EPS as external cladding, and Minister’s Guideline 14.
  • Property developers and building companies will be directed to ensure prescribed combustible cladding is not used on future projects, unless approved by the Building Appeals Board.

Failure to respond to the request is an offence and may result in disciplinary action from the VBA.

For more information about the Victorian statewide cladding audit, visit vba.vic.gov.au/cladding.