The VBA has released a draft Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors which outlines the expected standard of professional conduct.

The Code is designed to enhance safety and quality in the building and construction industry, with the intent of restoring trust and public confidence in building surveyors.

There are eight core principles of behaviour (listed below) that promote safety and competence in the building and construction industry. Under each core principle, there are rules and examples to help building surveyors understand their obligations and apply the Code.

  1. Act in accordance with the law, public interest and safety
    A building surveyor must act in accordance with the Act, Regulations and any other relevant laws, codes or standards operating in Victoria and the Commonwealth as applicable and in the public interest.
  2. Act with integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality
    A building surveyor must act with integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality in all professional and business relationships and activities.
  3. Perform competently and within the required level of expertise and experience
    A building surveyor must have suitable skills, knowledge, experience and competence to perform their functions and any other work they carry out in their capacity as a building surveyor to a professional standard.
  4. Act independently
    A building surveyor must act independently when performing their building surveying functions
  5. Avoid conflicts of interest
    A building surveyor must take reasonable steps to avoid situations that could be an actual, perceived or potential conflict of interest.
  6. Document and maintain records
    A building surveyor must document and keep a record of all relevant information collected in the course of performing a statutory function and any reasons for a decision made when exercising a function as is reasonably required or expected.
  7. Communicate promptly and effectively
    A building surveyor must communicate promptly and effectively with clients, the VBA and relevant parties
  8. Provide a complaint handling process and address issues of non-compliance
    A building surveyor must take reasonable steps to minimise the potential for complaints and have a process in place to address problems or issues of non-compliance brought to their attention as soon as possible.

All building surveyors in Victoria will be required to comply with the code of conduct. Any contravention of the code of conduct may result in disciplinary action.

Once approved, the code of conduct will be published in the Victoria Government Gazette and made available on the VBA website

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