The class of Domestic Builder – Manager (DB-M) is being phased out and will cease to exist from 30 June 2022.

Up until 31 January 2022, building permits could name a DB-M, CDB-M or DBU-40 practitioner as the builder for domestic building work. Permits after this date cannot name a DB-M, CDB-M or DBU-40 as the builder.

A DB-M or CDB-M practitioner with an open permit after 30 June 2022 will remain registered to facilitate the closure of any open permits under that registration until (a) the issue of the occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection, or (b) the expiration of the DB-M practitioner’s last building permit.

Practitioners with an existing DB-M or DB-U40 registration are encouraged to upskill and apply to the VBA for another class of registration, such as Domestic Builder (Limited) (DB-L), Domestic Builder (Unlimited) (DB-U) or Project Manager (Domestic) (PM-D) registration, as a matter of priority.