A new online portal for licensed gasfitters to submit a record of gas servicing work has launched on the VBA website


Effective from 1 June 2022, gasfitters are now required to:

> comply with the requirements of AS 4575 in carrying out servicing work on Type A gas appliances.

> lodge a record of the gas installation work with the VBA within five days of completing the work.

> provide a copy of the record to the consumer within five days of completing the work.

The new portal automatically generates a copy of the submitted record to be sent to the consumer directly by email.

The requirement to report is expected to encourage higher compliance and quality of servicing by gasfitters, with a greater level of accountability and a reduction in the safety risk to building occupants posed by carbon monoxide spillage.

It will also provide the VBA with more information on gas servicing, enabling the VBA to enhance their compliance activities, target interventions towards specific regions, gasfitters, or appliances, and detect patterns to proactively avoid potential issues and incidents.