On Friday, the Victorian Government implemented new interim planning controls for Melbourne CBD and Southbank to preserve Melbourne’s title of the “world’s most liveable city”.

Planning Minister Richard Wynne advised that Melbourne has had no planning controls for amenity and density and the review was long overdue. The interim controls will include height limits and the introduction of a new ‘site plot ratio’ over the forthcoming 12 months.

The controls include mandatory set backs to site boundaries, reinforced shadowing and wind controls, mandatory heights and ‘site’ plot ratio

Developers are up in arms about the new planning controls which no one saw coming. Those who made purchases prior to Friday’s announcement are now possibly left with unviable property purchases.

It has been stated that Developers can apply to the minister to ‘break the rules’ under unusual circumstances, however those who apply to go higher will need to provide offsets such as open space.

The new controls will provide for an interesting debate over the forthcoming months.