In early 2018, the Building Ministers Forum requested Standards Australia to develop a permanent labelling system of Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) products.

The intent of labelling is to improve the ability of consumers and building practitioners to identify ACP-type products, and as a result, to reduce the possibility of product substitution that can result in the wrong product being supplied and installed.

Standards Australia has since developed and published the technical specification and requirements for the marking of ACPs to enable their identification throughout the life of the product.

Accordingly, each ACP sheet shall be marked in a recurring pattern with the following:

  1. Name or trademark of the manufacturer;
  2. Model number, name or designation;
  3. Date of manufacture;
  4. Batch identifier or other traceability information.

As a minimum, the marking shall:

  1. Remain legible for the life of the ACP;
  2. Be legible by all people;
  3. Remain present post-installation
  4. Be a minimum character size of 5mm high;
  5. Have lettering of contrasting colour or finish to the background;
  6. Be in English and/or numerals.


View | Technical specification SA TS 5344:2009