All three volumes of the NCC 2019 preview, as well as The Guide to Volume One, are now available to download. To get your copy, log into your NCC account through NCC Online and download the PDF/s. Not registered? Create your NCC account and login to access.

Detailed below are some of the changes to be adopted from 1 May 2019. Further information will be provided as we are enlightened with the amendments and what they mean for code compliance.

Accessible Adult Change facilities

New requirements for accessible adult change facilities will be implemented for large shopping centres, sporting venues, museums, theatres and airport terminals

Fire Sprinklers in Class 2 & 3 Buildings

Fire sprinklers are to be installed in apartment and other residential buildings with 4 storeys or more. Previously sprinklers were only required for buildings greater than 25m.

Condensation Management

New provisions have been included for water vapour and condensation management to minimize health risks and amenity issues associated with water vapour and condensation including provisions for water control membranes, the discharge of exhaust systems and the ventilation of roof spaces.

Energy Efficiency

A package of measures focusing on reducing energy consumption in commercial buildings by a potential 35% will come into effect. Additionally, new heating and cooling load limits into the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme will be introduced for residential buildings.

Code Clarity & Readability

The layout and structure of the NCC has gone through a significant change to improve access, awareness and understanding. The aim of the revised layout is to improve comprehension and applicability of all relevant Code clauses, conditions and compliance requirements to minimise misinterpretation.