Alexander Trakas

Senior Building Code Consultant - B Tech (Building Surveying), Grad Cert (PBB & FC), Adv Dip (BS)

Alexander has over 8 years of experience in the building surveying industry, with expertise across all sectors and project types.

His accomplishments lay particularly with high-rise residential, mixed-use and domestic projects, of which Alex is largely proficient and conversant across all areas of these development types.

Alexander’s knowledge and experience in the commercial and residential sectors provide the aptitude to give design teams the required knowledge and assistance in the regulatory review and assessment of building design compliance.

With a Bachelor of Technology (Building Surveying) and Graduate Certificate in Performance Based Building & Fire Codes, Alex maintains a strong focus on client relations and has a significant interest in innovative construction techniques to provide efficient and effective outcomes for clients. Additionally, Alexander retains an exemplary knowledge of the Building Act, Regulations, Codes and Standards.

B Tech (Building Surveying), Grad Cert (PBB & FC), Adv Dip (BS)

E :
M : 0400 095 105