Inspection of building work is an important feature of the building permit process to ensure works have been carried out in accordance with the Building Act, Building Regulations and building permit.

Following an inspection, a Certificate of Compliance or Record of Inspection must be provided to the relevant Building Surveyor in the form approved by the VBA.

Who can carry out an inspection?

A Registered Building Surveyor may carry out the inspection or may request a Registered Inspector to undertake this on their behalf.

Builders, Architects and Draftspersons cannot issue Certificates of Compliance.

What type of inspection report needs to be provided?

For domestic building works, a regulation 126 (Certificate of Compliance for Building Work) must be provided. This is a far more comprehensive and detailed report. Sample report can be found here

For commercial building work, a Regulation 173 (Record of Inspection of Building Work) may be provided. This is a less extensive report and must contain the following information:

  1. the date and time of the inspection;
  2. the purpose of the inspection;
  3. the building permit number of the permit relating to the building work;
  4. the address of the building or land on which the building work is being carried out;
  5. the name and registration number of the registered building practitioner who carried out the inspection;
  6. the stage of the building work inspected (if applicable);
  7. the outcome of the inspection.