When building works are in close proximity or directly adjacent to an adjoining property boundary, the Relevant Building Surveyor (RBS) will determine if Protection Work Notices (PWN) are required to be served to the adjoining property.

When establishing if  protection works need to be served, the RBS must consider numerous aspects that relate to the structural impact on the adjoining buildings, land, specific interests, nuisance, privacy and air space.

Building Works that trigger Protection Work Notices may involve; underpinning, rock anchors, shoring, overhead building works and protection, or other work which is designed to maintain the stability of the adjoining property.

The recent 15 metre deep excavation works in Glen Waverly is a reminder of the importance of protection works. This includes the methodology to be adhered to, by the builder, as part of the RBS approval.  Any deviation from the approved PWN will require building works to cease immediately.

Further information about PWN (as provided by the VBA), can be found here