With greater powers and more resources, the VBA will be inspecting more buildings and building sites.

New entry, inspection and information gathering powers means it is easier for the VBA to obtain the information needed to investigate non-compliances and to act against those doing the wrong thing. This new power assists in the enforcement of building & plumbing standards as well as ensuring the safety of buildings.

Should there be a risk to the safety of the occupier, the public or if an emergency order is in place, an authorised VBA Office may enter a residential premises without a search warrant.

Authorised VBA Officers who enter any building or land may:

  • examine, make copies, take samples and seize any item (including electronic equipment);
  • operate or request a building occupier to operate electronic equipment to access information;
  • examine any building/plumbing work;
  • require the production of documents;
  • take photos, videos and audio recordings;
  • bring any equipment necessary to perform the search and inspection; and
  • require owner builders, plumbers and building practitioners to attend an inspection of their work.

Further information can be found on the VBA Fact Sheets provided via the links below

Changes to the VBA’s power of entry to non-residential premises

Changes to the VBA’s power of entry to residential premises