On 13 March 2018, the Minister for Planning issued a Ministerial Guideline removing the ability of Registered Building Surveyors to approve the use of ACP or EPS cladding products where the core comprises of more than 30% polyethylene. This is irrespective of whether the Building Surveyor deems it satisfactory with concessional clauses of the NCC.

The Approval for installation of any ACP or EPS product on buildings of 2 or more storeys must now solely be approved by the Building Appeals Board prior to the issue of a Building Permit.

“The effect of the Guideline is not to prevent the use of the products outright but to restrict the approvals pathway to ensure that their use has been subject to rigorous analysis as part of a BAB determination”

It is important to note that a BAB determination is site specific and not a blanket approval for use on other projects.

Read the Guideline in full : Building Product Safety Alert