The new OH&S (COVID-19 Incident Notification) Regulations 2020 requires employers to notify Worksafe Victoria if a person with confirmed COVID diagnosis has attended the workplace.

The Victorian Government has introduced the Occupational Health and Safety (COVID-19 Incident Notification) Regulations 2020 which requires employers, with management and control of a workplace, to notify Worksafe Victoria when an employee, independent contractor or employee of an independent contractor with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis has attended the workplace within the infectious period.

For the purpose of the Regulations, the infectious period is the time between:

  • 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis (whichever comes first), and;
  •  the day on which clearance from isolation from the Department of Health and Human Services is received.

Attached is a Frequently Asked Questions document issued by Worksafe Victoria that provides additional information on the notification and reporting obligations. The Regulations became effective on 28 July 2020 and will remain in place for a 12-month period.

FAQs_COVID19 Incident Notification Work Safe