New mandatory staged inspections are now required where building works include fire and smoke resistant building elements in multi-storey residential and healthcare buildings and for demolition work and pool constructions.

Fire and Smoke Resisting Elements Works – Additional Mandatory Inspections

Additional inspections are required to inspect fire and smoke resisting building elements in Class 2, 3 and 4 buildings, and service penetrations in Class 2-4, and 9a and 9c buildings.

These new inspections include:

  • lightweight construction components of fire rated building elements, comprising:
    • each wall, floor and ceiling system of one Sole Occupancy Unit (apartment)
    • the walls of the stair, lift and service shafts (if they are lightweight construction)
  • the junctions and any building element referred to above, with other building elements;
  • one of each type of protection method (e.g. fire collars, pillows and dampers etc) for each type of penetration (i.e. cable, ductwork, metal pipe, PVC pipe and power outlet) in light or heavy weight fire rated building elements, preferably in the Sole Occupancy Units (apartment). Note: Penetrations are to be as per clause 3.15 Openings for Services Installations.

The builder must contact the Building Surveyor for an inspection when carrying out the above building work, on each floor of the building.

Inspections must occur when the components and junctions of the lightweight construction and service penetrations are accessible and able to be clearly viewed to ensure compliance.

Demolition and Pool Construction Works – Additional Mandatory Inspections

In addition to the fire and smoke elements, additional mandatory inspections have been introduced for demolition/removal of building and for a pool construction.

The additional inspections required relevant to demolition work include:

  • inspection of precautions for the safety of the public; and
  • final inspection on completion

The additional inspections relevant to pool construction include:

  • completion of any excavation,
  • prior to the pouring of a footing,
  • precautions for safety of the public; and
  • final inspection on completion (including the safety barrier).

The new regulations apply to all permits issued after 2 June 2018, INCLUDING any staged permits for existing projects which include any of the above noted works.

Information Sheet – Mandatory inspection of certain fire and smoke resisting building elements