Building inspection reports must now comply with the new Certificate of Compliance for Building Work format in accordance with Building Regulation 126. 

Certificates that do not meet the minimum required information will not be accepted by the Registered Building Surveyor(s).

To assist in complying with the new format, attached are a few examples of the required “Compliance for Building Work” certificates, previously known and referred to in the Building Interim Regulations 2017 as a Certificate of Compliance – Inspection (1507).


Domestic certificate of compliance relates to a multi-unit development and/or dwelling, being Class 1Aand Class 10A buildings

Certificate-of-Compliance-for-Building-Work (Residential)


Commercial certificate of compliance relate to Class 2 & Class 7A buildings

Certificate-of-Compliance-for-Building-Work (Commercial)

Commercial Office

Commercial office certificate of compliance relates to Class 5 buildings

Certificate-of-Compliance-for-Building-Work (Commercial Office)

Building Regulation 126 indicates that all certificates submitted under Section 238(a) & 238(b) of the Building Act must be in a form approved by the authority (Victorian Building Authority).

Accordingly, moving forward, the Relevant Building Surveyors at Grimbos Building Surveyors (John Grimbos and George Tsimiklis) will REFUSE any certificate that does not meet the minimum required information as per the example detail in red provided in the links above.