A new Victorian Government service for resolving disputes between home owners and builders will launch next month.

Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) will be a free and independent service available to both builders and home owners. Launching on Wednesday 26 April, DBDRV will have powers to make binding orders on all parties to resolve disputes.

This new body will have the powers to order expert assessments, determine if work is incomplete or unsatisfactory, or if payments have been improperly withheld.

Building disputes often take a heavy toll on home owners and builders alike – and often end up in court. Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria aims to provide a fair, fast and free service and build confidence in Victoria’s building industry.

A home owner or a builder in a dispute will not be able to take the dispute to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) without first referring the dispute to DBDRV for conciliation

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What: Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) seminar with Chief Dispute Resolution Officer Gina Ralston.
When: 5 for 5.30 to 6.30pm on Thursday, 20 April.
Where: Building Leadership Simulation Centre (
BLSC), 49 Brady Street, South Melbourne.