Commencing 1 July 2019, Registered Building Surveyors (RBS) must submit an application to the VBA for a building permit number (currently issued within the RBS office).

Mandatory project information is to be submitted by the RBS to the VBA in order for the building permit number request to be reviewed. Upon receipt and confirmation of all required information, levy payment will be requested via email to ‘the applicant’ and RBS.

Following levy payment remittance, the VBA will issue a building permit number, enabling the RBS to issue the permit (subject to all required information/documentation being received from ‘the applicant’).

To ensure speediness and unnecessary delays, it is of upmost importance, that ‘the applicant’ supply ALL required information to the RBS in a timely manner.

Incomplete/incorrect information and non-payment of levies will delay the process and in turn delay the issue of a building permit.

Further detailed information on the new process can be found here :