Recently, nine cladding systems were withdrawn from CertMark International Certificate of Conformity, which means that the certificate can no longer be relied upon to confirm evidence of suitability in accordance with the NCC.

The nine withdrawn certificates are:

>  CM40029 Ozone Panel Building Systems
>  CM40066 Alpolic A2
>  CM40067 Alpolic FR
>  CM40076 Ultrabond FR
>  CM40079 Vitrabond FR
>  CM40082 Dulux Exsulite TM Kooltherm Façade System
>  CM40093 Larson FR
>  CM40138 Dulux Exsulite TM Thermal Façade non-cavity system
>  CM40162 Cladex FR

What to do if your project is affected by the withdrawal of Certificates?
Application for building permit received, building permit not issued

In the instance that you are currently considering an application for a building permit that proposes to use one of the products affected by a withdrawn Certificate, the Certificate can no longer be relied upon as evidence of suitability under the NCC.

It is recommended you contact the Relevant Building Surveyor and provide a different form of evidence of suitability to support the use of the proposed product or specify an alternate product that has appropriate evidence of suitability.

Building permit issued, installation of product has not yet commenced

Where a building permit has been issued that incorporates a product affected by a withdrawn Certificate and installation of the product is yet to commence, it is important that you contact your client and appraise them of this situation.

If your client chooses to continue with the proposed use of the affected product, further evidence of suitability may be required. If they opt to use an alternate product application for an amendment to the building permit must be made.

Installation of product has commenced or has been completed, but occupancy permit not issued

Where the installation of the product has commenced or has been completed, but the occupancy permit has not been issued, appropriate evidence of suitability will need to be obtained to ensure that the building work is compliant, and the building will be suitable for occupation.

The withdrawal of the Certificate may impact on the ability to issue an occupancy permit. It is considered appropriate to deal with the matter now rather than wait until the application for an occupancy permit has been made.

The occupancy permit has been issued

Where the withdrawal of the Certificate is related to a significant problem with the product, further action may be required following the issue of the occupancy permit. In this instance, you should contact your Building Surveyor.

Source: Victorian Building Authority