The updated NCC  brings significant changes to the industry including new General Provisions for all three Volumes, technical changes to the BCA & a three yearly update to the NCC as opposed to annual.

The AIBS have provided a summarised list of changes to the NCC 2016 in their most recent AIBS magazine (Autumn 2016).

These include :

  • A new Verification Method for structural robustness
  • Two new Ventilation Verification Methods
  • Clarification on ‘constant’ in relation to stair goings & risers
  • Adoption of new referenced documents including Australian Standards
  • Clarification to the definition of ‘effective height’
  • Use of timber for mid rise buildings
  • A new referenced standard for the group number determination for the fire hazard property provisions
  • Amendment to exemptions to vehicle ramp openings in carparks
  • ‘Visibility’ in an emergency, versus ‘lighting’
  • Introduction of Farm buildings and Farm Sheds to Part H3 for classification purposes
  • A new provision to require fire-separation for the floor separating the non-appurtenant dwelling and private garage
  • Option to allow other suitable alarms in Class 10A private garages

Read about the changes in detail here

Source | AIBS Autumn 2016 magazine